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So many cottage industries thrive on law departments! A village!

As Rees Morrison points out, there's a whole cottage industry of niche legal services that are making a living off law departments. Here's the list compiled by Rees Morrison:
  • ADR (alternative dispute resolution)
  • Auditors of legal bills
  • Class action claims
  • Consultants on law department management
  • Consultants on compliance, corporate governance, and ethics
  • Corporate governance groups
  • Corporate secretary services and software
  • Corporate secretary portals
  • Court reporters
  • Decision analysts
  • Document assembly
  • Document discovery
  • E-billing vendors
  • Economic analysis experts
  • Electronic discovery
  • Ethics line third parties
  • Expert witness sites online
  • Legal and compliance training online
  • Legal research
  • Litigation and trial consultants
  • Matter management systems
  • Medical/nurse analysts
  • Offshore providers
  • Online selection of law firms
  • Part-time general counsel
  • Search firms
  • Settlement and ADR capabilities online
  • Settlement counsel
  • Writing instructors
Law Department Management

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