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Violence in Our Homes

The family is considered as the basic unit of the society. It is an inviolable social institution, which for all intents and purposes, is safeguarded by the state with all its pervasive powers and coercive mechanism. The family has in fact been so important in our present society, that marriage is actually a foundation of the family has been protected with much zeal by the state. When man and woman comes into a conglomeration with each other, it is assumed that they are already one, and not even the mere acquiescence of the parties, or the volition of one party could have such contract be eradicated. Yet notwithstanding the same, it is not a bolted lock that would last a lifetime even if it would no longer be healthy to the family whose interest it was suppose to foster. The marriage bonds may be broken if the union has already been plagued with envy, angry, hatred, and violence. Domestic violence has been abundant in our society today. Psychologists view it as a way of showing one’s control over a family, and to show who actually must be followed and who owns and manipulates the same.

It is a showing of territorial control prevalent among lower forms of animals, that is, with the expression of violent acts on the beings within his territorial domain, the predator acts in such a vicious manner to maintain his control thereof, and thus, legitimizes his rule. This is the picture being painted in domestic violence among members of the family. The father, which usually is the culprit in these types of offenses, has a constant drive to show that he has a control over his wife and his flock, showing his power by hurting his wife, or even to the extent of hurting his children, or other people in the household.

Domestic violence is a dreaded offense. Not only would it amount to lose of parental authority, it may also be considered as a criminal offense which can be penalized by imprisonment, or if circumstances led to more drastic effects then the penalty of death. A person shall be liable for all the consequences of his act whether the wrongful act done be different from that which he intended. That has been the constant rule when it comes to our courts of law. Hence, if a person causes the death of another by reason of a domestic violence then he would be liable thereof even the wrongful act done was not what he supposedly and originally intended. For more information about Domestic Violence consult our Los Angeles Attorneys

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