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David Jacobson's Australian Law Blogs List

If you are looking for an Australian blog on a specific Australian law-related topic then I suggest you look at the sites below. Once you've had a look I suggest you subscribe to the feeds of the blogs you like and then develop your personal preferences from there.

If you know of a site not mentioned by me that's worth adding to the list, let me know:
david at djacobson dot com.

David Starkoff (Inchoate)
…High Court analysis

David Jeffery (Oikos) government environmental lawyer

Bazpat (Patent attorney)

Warwick Rothnie (Melbourne IP barrister)

Simon Slade (Adelaide criminal defence)

Peter Black (Freedom to Differ)...media law

Law Font (group)…law, technology, economics, policy

House of Commons (IP research group)

Nic Suzor (technology law/creative commons)

Lightbulb IP

IP Downunder

Small firms and solos

Australian Real Estate Blog

Simon Lewis' Lawyers Workstation Conferences

FarisQC Blog

The Legal Soapbox (legal/political)

Dr Mirko Bargaric (Moral Dilemma)

Open and Shut (Freedom of Information and privacy legislation)

Weatherall's Law (last post January 2007, but a great copyright law resource)

And of course, my blogs

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