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Tattoo and Tattoo Laws in the US

Tattoo is a form of body art where a design is permanently carved in the skin with the help of electric needles and ink. Tattoo word originated from the Tahitian term 'tatua' which means 'to mark'. This art form has existed in several culture and countries for centuries.

Tattooing is a well recognized art form in America. However, in last three decades this art form has undergone tremendous change, when people who were trained in traditional fine arts began to accept tattooing. These highly skilled artist developed entirely new sorts of sophisticated imagery and techniques.

Many people think that getting tattooed loved ones name on their body is a great way to express true love. For many it is a mark of manliness. In many case, people tattooed body in order to place protective or therapeutic symbols permanently.

Today, tattoo has become a fashion statement and young generation is simply crazy about it. However, tattoo has got several risks associated with it and as the popularity grows, so does the concern over it. To minimize the health risk and to regulate the tattoos, the tattoo laws are introduced by the American government.

US tattoo laws differ from state to state. However, the law regulates the following main area related to tattooing
  • The cleanliness and healthiness at work place
  • The safety at work place
  • The law related to age and permission
  • Laws related to minors
Government also makes sure that all the business related to tattooing must be registered under the local government. The local governing body has the power to inspect all these tattooing studio or parlor and can cancel their registration if found any malpractices.

Many city or state has very strict regulations about tattoo like
  • If you are under 18 you are not allowed to get tattoo.
  • Tattoos are not allowed on certain body parts like face.
  • Any offensive image or words are not allowed to be tattooed.
  • Artists are allowed to tattoo someone only in their studio.
  • Foods are not allowed in the tattoo area.
So before putting your body under the tattoo needle check your local tattoo laws. Also you must be aware of the health risk associated with the tattoo. Feel free to interrogate the tattooist about the safety measures he is following, whether he has licensed or not etc. Your one proper decision will help you to prevent from many complications that may arise due to unhealthy practice of tattoo artist.
By Kathy Katt



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