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How to Clear My DUI Charges? Beat DUI Arrest Now!

Are you trying to clear your DUI charges? A record showing that a person is charged with an offense does not necessarily mean that the person is guilty. This is the reason why it is necessary to clear your DUI charges before you are proven guilty and before the police enter it in the criminal records as a public document.

The steps you need to take in order clear a DUI record are difficult especially if you learn it through experience. If you have been charged a DUI before, you will definitely know how hard beating a dui arrest record can get.

To clear your DUI charges, you need to have a criminal lawyer that has experience in these kinds of cases, proof that you were not drunk, and a BAC level that is lower than.08%. The rules and procedures vary from different states but most DUI can be expunged. Although it is hard, most DUI's can be cleared if you do the following:

DUITo ensure that your BAC is measured properly, you must remember that breathalyser tests are judged on the average person's BAC levels. This information is helpful if your Blood Alcohol Content and tolerance levels differ from that statistic.

To provide a good defense, you must remember that some drinks like coffee lattes can make breathalyzers give an inaccurate BAC reading. You'll be able to clear your DUI charges if what you have been consuming is not alcohol but just coffee latte.

If you have proof that you were not impaired when you were pulled over, you will have a chance of avoiding a DUI conviction. This claim can be supported if you had a BAC level lesser than.08%. You must remember that if your actions reflect that you were intoxicated at the time of the testing and the state can provide enough evidence to prove it, your arguments will be overruled. You will surely be convicted for DUI.

With the above simple steps, you are taking your first step to clear your DUI record as long as you follow them. You need to do what the officer will tells you to do in order to avoid adding new charges to your DUI and lower your chance of clearing your DUI charge altogether. You must also know the conditions that can affect the result of your BAC as well as the desired level of BAC to ensure that you can beat DUI arrest.

Final step- Download Dui Process Manual. This is a guide that can save you thousands of dollars hiring lawyer as you can beat your dui arrest DIY by searching leaks and holes of laws you never know, exposed by the dui process manual [http://www.squidoo.com/dui-process]!

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